Boeka Treats
Edition No.9 (2008)
Compilation Series Edition No. 4 : Desserts
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Boeka Treats was first published in 1999 and featured recipes of many savouries, cakes and desserts traditionally made by the Cape Muslim (Malay) community during the month of Ramadaan. “Boeka” means ‘breaking the fast’, hence the title. This publication proved so popular, with all 15,000 copies sold out within 2 weeks, it was decided to publish new recipes every year. The 2nd edition featured several new recipes as well as special dishes for Eid. The 3rd edition focused on biscuits, cakes and easy foods, whereas the 4th edition featured traditional foods and savouries. The 5th edition, published in 2004 included new recipes in all the categories as well as a few recipes for kids to make.

There is great demand for previous copies of the Boeka Treats, especially the first 3 editions that are out of print. Also, many who bought the first editions have used their copies excessively resulting in the books looking rather worn. The need arose for a compilation series featuring all the recipes published in the first five editions, as well as the inclusion of several new recipes in each of 4 categories, viz. Soups & Savouries, Breads, Cakes & Biscuits, Foods and Desserts. The first in this compilation series, Soups & Savouries, was published in 2005, and the second, Breads, Biscuits, Cakes and Pastries published last year. This year the third in this for part series, viz. Foods, will be published. A total of over 70 previously published recipes as well as another 20 brand new food recipes will be included in the following categories : Traditional, Quick and Easy, curries, bredies, seafood, offal, international (Egyptian, Malaysian, etc.), pastas, and exotic dishes.

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The Companion 6

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The Companion is a pocket-size quick reference guide for Muslims in Cape Town offering a range of information. From basic day to day fiqh matters such as salaah, janazah, duah, thikr, to maqbarahs, halaal eateries, local history, radio stations, to an extensive list of contact details of Muslim institutions and mosques. First published in 2003, it also featured the 15th Annual Taraweeg Survey, which is now published as a separate publication.

Distributed together with the popular Boeka Treats recipe book, 10,000 to 12,000 copies are sold from mosques and shops at the beginning of the Ramadaan each year. In addition to the regular features(13 Guides), Companion 6 will also feature a Guide to Muslim Preschools at the Cape.


  • Format : 180 pages full glossy colour
  • Page Size: 105mm X 148mm
  • Text Area: 85mm X 128mm
  • Bleed Area: 111mm X 154mm


  • Inspirational Verses: 10 leading personalities giving their favourite Quranic verses.
  • Belief Guide : The Ambiyaa (Prophets)
  • Salaah Guide : Taraweeg Salaah
  • Eid Salaah
  • Duah Guide: Various duahs
  • Thikr Guide : Voorwerk with transliteration and meaning
  • Local History : Leading Muslim male & female scholars in Cape Town’s history
  • Leisure Guide : Review of top 5 books, DVD’s & CD’s
  • Q&A : Answers to 10 no so frequently answered questions
  • Profiles : Profiles on the following 5 institutions
  • Radio Guide ; Pics of radio presenters
  • Contact Guide : Update of contact details on organizations, undertakers, maqbarahs, hearses, guest houses
  • Muslim Preschools : Survey of all Muslim Preschool at the Cape (teachers, classes, no. children, fees, etc.)

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Boeka Treats and The Companion available from Boorhaanol Movement on:
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or   [021] 423 7690

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