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The Discover Islam Exhibition 2006 created extensive networking between various organisations and businesses.  One such association is that between Itheko Events Management and the Boorhaanol Movement. For the past 8 years, the Boorhaanol Publishers have compiled a recipe book ‘Boeka Treats’ and a pocket size book ‘The Companion’ and will shortly publish ‘The Mosque Guide’.  These publications are informative and have a life long shelf life.

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mosque guide 1Mosque Guide

The Mosque Guide, previously published as the Taraweeg Survey, was last published in 2003 as part of The Companion. It was then decided to publish the Mosque Guide/Taraweeg Survey every three/four years.

This publication features the details of all the mosques in the greater Cape Town area, as well as listing mosques or salaah ghaanas situated along national roads in the country.

Detailed information per mosque include the following :

  • Photograph of the mosque
  • Brief history
  • Past Imams and periods served
  • Present Imams and telephone numbers (170-200)
  • Committee members and telephone numbers (800-1000)
  • Capacity, janazah, Jumu’ah & Eid times, female facilities, parking, etc.
  • Correspondence details
  • Banking details
  • General Activities or Programmes at the Mosque

Under the Taraweeg information, the following details are included :

  • Portion of Quran recited
  • Names and telephone numbers of Guffaath (450-500)
  • Attendance
  • Salaah starting times
  • Special Ramadaan activities and facilities

A special feature of this publication is an index of Imams, including those not presently affiliated to mosques.

The accuracy of the Taraweeg details for each mosque will be confirmed on the first night of Taraweeg salaah. This publication will therefore be distributed and sold from mosques and shops in the third week of Ramadaan.


Format : 180 pages full glossy colour
Page Size: 210mm X 200mm
Text Area: 190mm X 180mm
Bleed Area: 216mm X 206mm

Circulation : 6,000 –8,000 (depending orders placed)

Release : 28/29 September 2007 (3rd Friday of Ramadaan)

Target Market :

90% Muslims in Cape Town
8% Muslims nationally and internationally
2% General public

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