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SBA Brochure 7b

Stap innie BoKaap


Begin in Pentzstraat voor Boorhaanol

Gaan voort af na Waalstraat (linkerkant)

Gaan voort op Wale en draai links in Chiappinnistraat

Gaan voort op Chiappinni en draai regs in Kasteelstraat (Regterkant)

Gaan voort op 'n Kasteel en draai regs in Rosestraat (regs)

Gaan voort op Rose en draai regs in Langmarkstraat

Gaan voort op Longmarketstraat en draai links in Chiappinni (Regterkant)

Gaan voort op Chiappinni en draai regs in Waalstraat (Regterkant)

Gaan voort op Wale in Yusuf Drive (linkerkant)

Gaan voort op Yusuf Drive en draai links in Bo-Bloemstraat

Gaan voort op die boonste Bloem en dan links in Sachs

Gaan voort op Sachs en draai regs in Pepperstraat (Regterkant)

Gaan voort op Pepper en draai regs in Lionstraat (Regterkant)

Gaan voort op Leeu en draai regs in Militêre Pad (regterkant)

Gaan voort op Militêre om die Noon Gun en draai dan terug na Whitford Street (linkerhand)

Gaan voort op Whitford en draai links in Jordaanstraat (linkerkant)

Gaan voort op Jordaan en draai links in Buitenstraat (Regterkant)

Gaan voort op Buiten en draai regs in Bryant Street (linkerkant)

Gaan voort op Bryant en draai links in Dorpstraat

Gaan voort op Dorp en draai links in Pentzstraat.

Gaan voort op Pentz en draai regs op Boorhaanol Gronde (eindpunt)

Route Description

Start in Pentz Street in front of Boorhaanol

Continue down into Wale Street (Left hand side)

Continue on Wale and turn left into Chiappinni Street

Continue on Chiappinni and turn right into Castle Street (Right hand side)

Continue on Castle and turn right into Rose Street (right hand side)

Continue on Rose and turn right into Longmarket Street

Continue on Longmarket and turn left into Chiappinni (Right hand side)

Continue on Chiappinni and turn right into Wale Street (Right hand side)

Continue on Wale into Yusuf Drive (Left hand side)

Continue on Yusuf Drive and turn left into Upper Bloem Street

Continue on Upper Bloem and then left into Sachs

Continue on Sachs and turn Right into Pepper Street (Right hand side)

Continue on Pepper and turn right into Lion Street (Right hand side)

Continue on Lion and turn right into Military Road (Righthand side)

Continue on Military to the Noon Gun and then turn back towards  Whitford Street (Left hand side)

Continue on Whitford and turn left into Jordaan Street (Left hand side)

Continue on Jordaan and turn left into Buiten Street (Right hand side)

Continue up Buiten and turn right into Bryant Street (Left hand side)

Continue on Bryant and turn left into Dorp Street

Continue up Dorp and turn left into Pentz Street .

Continue on Pentz and turn right onto Boorhaanol Grounds (Finish Area)


SLAVE run3

Itheko means ‘the big occasion’ in Xhosa

We manage our clients ‘big occasion’ as if it is our own

  • Events management, albeit indoor or outdoor exhibitions
  • Sporting events
  • Conferences
  • Mall / Store Openings
  • Product Promotions
  • Comprehensive Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Branding Materials
  • Medals


In the Bokaap

SBA Stap vir Afrikaans
24th September 2016
10am - Boorhanol Centre
Pentz St, Bo-Kaap


Free Entry


Download entry form here


Download Route here


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Google Map
to Boorhanol Centre can be viewed lower down on this page.



Upcoming Events

In the heart of Cape Town City

Download Entry form HERE

Online Entries - Close 24 April 2016 - click HERE or on the image above for online entries


Slave Route Race Organiser Interview with Farouk Meyer


News Coverage for the Slave Route race

Download pdf of the Route Map here




Jive Slave Route Challenge

Thank you for making the JSRC 2015, the most successful one yet.  Please note:

1) To receive a free picture, log onto
www.actionpixsportsimages.co.za, take down your GWP number at the bottom, also indicate if it is from the Slave Route Challenge 1, 2 or 3 folders and send an email  to matthew@actionpixsportsimages.co.za
2) On your race number you have a free entry into the Castle of Good Hope and the District Six Museum until the end of May 2015

3) Redeem your R200 Mizuno discount shoe voucher at the Sweat Shop, corner of Cavendish and Vineyard Roads, Claremont.



Download the Results Here


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